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The Ring (Reward Offered)

I believe Minter's Annapolis ring may still be out there... it has a charmed life, and will one day turn up again. The 1932 ring is shown below. The stone is dark blue and on one side, it was damaged when it was partly melted. It may be on sale in a flea market dealer’s stall, or sitting in someone’s dusty collection. So I ask you: if you come across a ring that looks anything similar, look for the year 1932 on the side, then please look inside. If you find the name Dial engraved please buy it! If you return it to me, I will offer you our eternal gratitude and a $10,000 cash reward on top of the price paid for the ring. If you have any questions or clues, please email me at thelastringhome AT gmail DOT com.

You can donate $10, $20 or any sum you wish. Here's a direct link via PayPal. All proceeds will go toward the reward. And if the ring is not found by 31 December, 2020, all the money will be sent to the Wounded Warrior Project Charity. Thanks in advance.