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Making of the film

The filming was done in the summer of 2016 in London. The on site team, pulled together by Josh Shelov, who flew in from New York, included Brad Lawson (camera and lighting) and Scott Morton (sound). Margy (Pressey) Wooding (Kent) and Victor Dial (Switzerland) travelled in for the two days of interview filming. Filming took place in our flat in London (with blacked out shades), our peaceful garden and in the Margravine cemetery. The third day was dedicated to recording archival materials. My wife, Yendi, was the stoic hostess, who oversaw all the food and comforts of everyone. It was a profound couple of days, with many revealing moments. Afterwards, operating by distance with the editing team, we added the voice overs by Amber Steele (who has a connection to the story as well).

To see the film online, you can check it out on Google PlayYouTube. and on iTunes i(69 territories). You can also find reviews of the film here: Last Ring Home Guestbook.

Meanwhile, there is a Facebook page for the Film, dedicated to the memory of those who sacrificed so much for us. It’s also where I prod around for news about the ring. Last Ring Home on Facebook. Please come and join us!