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Special Gratitude


The following people have kindly made a pre-order, playing a part in making this book come alive and spreading the [printed] word! [In alphabetical order]

Tom Brown
Lane Convey
Beatrice Dautzenberg
Nathalie Degans
Nicole de Lisle
Victor Dial
Alix Estey (2)
Helen Farrow
Nicolas Gaudreau
David Gneiser
Rena Hedeman
Gabrielle Laine-Peters (2)
Cyril Lejeune
Judie Maginn
Ebert Metcalf
Ginger Montgomery (2)
Peter Poggi
Jamie Riddell
Susan Burns Rogers
Joy Safer
Ben Schwartz
Fabio Selmoni
Federica Sessa

Elizabeth Sheehy (5)
Laurie Schor
Joanna Simpson
Brad Stephenson
Jeanette Sundberg
Nathan Thornburgh
Camille Valentine
Karl van Horn
Roland Whitehead
Lydia Zaininger
Carla Zambelli (2)
Francesca Zammarano

If you'd like to order your copy, you can find it here on multiple sites.