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The Book - The Last Ring Home

Endorsements and Availability for the book,
The Last Ring Home

The Last Ring Home, which came out in November 2016 and is now available in hardcover, eBook (Kindle) and Audiobook (on Audible, with the author as narrator along with Erin deWard), won the Book Excellence Award 2018. Competing against hundreds of entries from around the world, The Last Ring Home was selected for its high quality writing, design and market appeal. After the book (and film) was mentioned by Christiane Amanpour (PBS), the book snuck into the top 30,000 sellers on Amazon for a couple of days!  You can find the full list of winners here. Below you'll find how to buy your copy of the book.

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"An unforgettable saga of determination, strength, sacrifice, and love set against the background of unspeakable horrors during World War II in the Pacific Ocean Theater." — GILBERT KING, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning, Devil in the Grove

"A moving tribute...and a masterful account of PoW experiences in the Pacific." THE LADY, UK (full review here)

"...a compelling story, with more than a few devastating twists." — HISTORY OF WAR, UK (full review here)

"a tragic and remarkable tale... It’s a superb example of how committing to a story doesn’t just engage audiences, it changes the storyteller themselves." -- LINKEDIN SOPHISTICATED MARKETER, October 2018 (full review here)

39 out 43 (total) 5***** reviews on Amazon so far:

EXCERPT: Click here to read an excerpt from The Last Ring Home.

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"Here is an inspired feat of historical sleuthing that stretches across generations and continents. In this feelingly told account of the heroic life of a grandfather he never knew, Minter Dial reminds us that history, above all else, is personal.” — HAMPTON SIDES, bestselling author of Ghost Soldiers and In the Kingdom of Ice

"Minter Dial has, with remarkable success, blended intimate family history with one of the more horrifying aspects of the Second World War. He vividly captures the unimaginable ordeal endured by his namesake grandfather, while successfully avoiding being sucked into emotional quagmire. The result is a stark presentation of the sufferings and hopes of a young man caught up in a manmade manifestation of Hell.” — CHARLES ALTHORP, Earl Spencer, Historian and Author of Killers of the King (Sunday Times Bestseller), Blenheim, Battle for Europe (Sunday Times Bestseller), Prince Rupert

"The legacy of the Americans who surrendered after the 1942 Battle of the Philippines can now add a new voice, this time from a namesake who never met his grandfather, aprisoner of the Japanese. Last Ring Home is poignant story of suffering and loss across the generations. What makes this story unique is the saga of about the discovery and existence of one U.S. Naval Academy ring which will leave readers thinking about the endurance of tenderness.” — MICHAEL NORMAN and ELIZABETH M NORMAN, authors of Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and Its Aftermath

"Minter Dial spent decades piecing together the life of the grandfather he never knew, in a quest that plunged him deep into one of the darkest chapters of the Pacific War. The Last Ring Home is the unforgettable story he uncovered – a tale of bravery, brutality, and monumental suffering. With its haunting postscript, this book is a loving testimonial to the sacrifices of an entire generation.”  — JANNY SCOTT, author of A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother

Minter Dial had a fulfilling career in the Navy–Annapolis ’32, leading to command of a ship in the Pacific fleet, based in the Philippines, by the time he was 30. And at home, a loving wife and two beloved children. A lot to live for. By 33, he was dead, one of thousands of American servicemen who died atrociously as POWs of the Japanese. His grandson, named for him, has spent years of his own life tracking down facts and shaping them into Last Ring Home, a story of the human costs of war, life and death, love and loss. — GAVAN DAWS, author of Prisoners of the Japanese: POWs of World War Two in the Pacific


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