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Annapolisa - The Poem

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In a room full of smoke and unmarried souls

The Ensign spotted her standing by the decorated poles.

He fell into a spell in an instant,

Seeing my lovely Lisa, smiling and radiant.


After one hundred suitors sweetly suited for her,

She saw fit to rebut and deter

All but the last man whose steely eyes wooed

As my lovely Lisa swooned in the mood.


So ardent and convinced were they

There was nothing anybody could say

When they married in fast fashion

At cousin Don Francisco’s mansion.


After two years, they knew each other better indeed

And they had not one, but two new mouths to feed.

With her Officer who fit her snug as a glove,

My lovely Lisa was busy and forever in love.


When duty called, her Lieutenant set sail

For the far east, and a love by mail.

Wrapped around his index finger, for constant remembering,

Named after his lady love lay, the Annapolisa, his Academy class ring.  


When the day of infamy came and rewrote history,

Lisa and her Lieutenant were adamant to agree

That theirs was not to be just like any tryst of fate;

But my lonely Lisa, could only worry and wait.


Another three years of doubt and silent cries

As hours and minutes passed as fast as thick paint dries. 

Lisa willed his safe return in many a hope-sodden letter;

But my lonely Lisa could ill imagine the destiny that beset her.


Then one day, the doorbell rang. The one you cringe to hear.

Her sacred man was gone as the postman shed a tear.

The pain ripped through her as she lost her other half.

My forlorn Lisa languished as she cut short her laugh.


One day a friend came to say that her man had died stoically. 

He’d said he loved her with his dying breath without drama or melancholy.

In lieu, he handed over the tenant of his love, Annapolisa, with one last whispering

But in the ensuing din, rank chaos and horror, the friend lost the ring.


For seventeen years, my lovely Lisa soldiered on,

Married a new man and raised her daughter and son.

And then one day, a package was delivered in a sleek berlin

As if arranged by a marvellous Merlin. 


The letter inside witnessed the remarkable find

By her husband’s usher, an admiral who was equally fine.

The admiral’s driver had unearthed the ring in Korea.

My sorrowful Lisa was so uplifted, you have no idea.


But the travails of life and the deep sorrow remained.

Her lover’s wish fulfilled, her rage was tamed.

My despondent Lisa read in this a signal, a welcoming:

It had come full circle, Annapolisa, this erstwhile signet ring.


Not long later, my tender Lisa joined her Lieutenant.

It was just the way events were meant.

My forgotten Lisa was at peace if not in joy,

As if part of some magic, unscripted ploy.


Now, by way of epilogue, I have a small confession

That the ring was not long in our possession.

It was stolen an ill-fated night from our home in France.

My signet Annapolisa was gone again, by rotten chance.


Many decades have passed

And be sure they will not be the last,

As we continue in our search … for meaning,

Tender love, courage, honor and heartfelt healing.


Minter DIAL ©2018